Advocare 24 Day Challenge: 4 Days Left

This morning, I turned to the last page for tracking days in my challenge book. I really never thought the day would come that I did that. I remember first getting the book (less than a month ago, mind you…), looking at those last pages, and remembering what it was like to be a kindergartner watching the first grade classes walk around school. They were so much cooler and smarter than we were. They even… Read The Rest →

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Question: How Proud Is Erin Rose?
March 24, 2015, 4:04 pm

Answer: very proud.   The thing she’s sitting on is Louise’s “place.” When she’s getting annoying or misbehaving (Louise, that is), we tell her “place” and she sits there to either calm down or think about what she’s done (she does neither of those things. Ever). Erin had been eyeing it for a few days, and on St. Patrick’s Day she conquered it. She was most pleased with herself. I wish it was a better… Read The Rest →


Spring Is Busting Out All Over
March 23, 2015, 8:50 am

I know it’s June, not spring, that’s busting out all over, but it’s just so springy around here. Like it’s busting! Out all over! Back in October, at the very end of it, right before I began my third decade of life, we bought some hydrangea and tulip bulbs. We’ve never planted bulbs before, but tulips are my favorite and hydrangeas are pretty, also the cardboard display they were on said that was the time… Read The Rest →


Ramblings Of A Mad, White Woman: Hashtag And Apologies Edition
March 19, 2015, 10:38 am

I hate hashtags. I hate them so much. I don’t really get what the point of them is, but from my understanding, it’s a sentencewithoutspacessummary of everything you just wrote. Okay, sometimes they’re only one or two words, but sometimespeoplejustrunabunchofwordstogetherandohmygoshdoyouhaveaheadachenow? I can’t remember the last time I read a post on facebook, and then read all of the hashtags after it. Why? Because they pretty much say everything I just read in the post. I… Read The Rest →

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