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Did you know it’s been three weeks since I ranted about mother’s day food? THREE. WEEKS. Every time I blog, I tell myself that this is the time I get back into it, but then life happens and it doesn’t make it onto the priority list. It’s not like I’m making money doing this, right? I suppose it’s because I used to blog in the afternoons, mostly, and that’s usually when Erin takes her longer… Read The Rest →

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Mother’s Day Food, Everyone Put On Your Fascinators
May 7, 2015, 9:49 am

I have a question that’s been on my mind a lot, over the past week. This Sunday is my first mother’s day where I’m actually a mother (I anticipate I will probably be treating it/feeling about it the same as I always have, which is: It’s just another day?), so I suppose that’s why this has been on my radar this week. I follow a fair amount of food related blogs. They tend to feature… Read The Rest →


Things That We See On Our Walks
May 4, 2015, 2:15 pm

Over the past month, Erin and I have been taking long walks almost every day. I try to get in 3-4 miles, just to get myself moving more in addition to my wods. I lost the weight on Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge (which was fantastic because it meant I wasn’t stuck on a terrible plateau for the rest of forever), but I still have about 15lbs or so to go before I get to pre-baby… Read The Rest →


A Good Example Of Why My Love For Louise Gets Tested
April 29, 2015, 8:05 am

Earlier this month, I baked some ridiculously delicious, and giant, chocolate chip cookies for a church activity. I left them cooling on the kitchen counter and came upstairs to do….I don’t remember. Unfortunately, Louise felt it was more important for her to eat them. So she ate half of them. SHE ATE THE EQUIVALENT OF 20-25 REGULAR SIZED COOKIES. Luckily, Louise is one of those dogs that can actually, literally eat anything and be fine…. Read The Rest →

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